My Testimonials

"The programme has been top class from the very first session. I've made more progress in the last 10 weeks than i have in the whole previous 12 months of training! I couldnt recommend more to improve all aspects of Olympic Weightlifting. The online community following the programme is a great way to get motivated for sessions, especially seeing all the PB's going up as the programme progresses. The feedback and support from Sonny is always on point and spot on. Couldnt recommend more!" Mark.


“If you want a well structured, progressive weightlifting programme with a positive and helpful community alongside it, Webstar performance programming is for you. Highly recommended.” Dan.


"Sonny's programming is both physically and technically demanding and not for the fainted hearted but if you really want to see an improvement in your strength and olympics lifts in a short space of time then I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

It is a disciplined 16 week, 5 day programme, consisting of 3 main (compulsory) sessions and 2 assistance sessions a week, giving flexibility to those who want to do this alongside other training (e.g. CrossFit) or can only commit to 3 days a week.

If you are serious about your training then this is a great investment in yourself because not only is it great value for money but more importantly it works!" Chris.


"Loving every single week of Sonnys lifting program, it's fun & interesting & I've added so many kgs on all my lifts. The facebook group is amazing & Sonny gives direct feedback to us for adjustments on technique & more importantly congratulations for pbs. I couldn't recommend it highly enough." Amy.