20 Minute Technical Analysis Session

20 Minute Technical Analysis Session

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The right feedback can be the catalyst for quicker progress, better performance and the RIGHT technique in your lifts. 

For the first time ever, you can now book in to get 20 minutes with Sonny to go over all your lifts and the right feedback to help you progress. 

Here's how it works: 

Step 1 - Complete your purchase of the Technical analysis session (this product)

Step 2 - You will receive an email with instructions to upload videos of your lifts and book in your time to speak with Sonny 

Step 3 - Jump on the call with Sonny where he will break down each of your lifts, show you the key changes you can make to progress and highlight your sticking points. 

You'll also get a chance to ask any questions you have about lifting and training.

Step 4 - You SEND IT with all the new knowledge you have and access to one of our Sonny Webster Academy training programs

Exactly what you get:

  • 20-minute technical analysis sessions with Sonny 
  • Full recording to go back and recheck the instructions and get the most out of the session
  • Access to one of our Sonny Webster Academy training programs (which one will depend on your lifts and discussion with Sonny)
  • Members-only support community

Get started today and get the right feedback to progress your lifts quicker.