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sonny webster academy programming

The Sonny Webster Academy programs are designed for one purpose and one purpose only... To help you become the best lifter you can be!⁣⁣
Each plan focuses the 3 core pillars of Olympic Weightlifting: Mobility, Strength & Technique.⁣⁣
With thousands of success stories & reviews, the consensus is clear, the SWA Programs are the most effective for improving your Olympic Lifting!⁣⁣

Sonny has been lifting and coaching professionally for over 15 years. He has a Sport Performance BSC and competed at the 2016 Olympic games for Great Britain. Sonny's programs have helped thousands of people all over the world learn to lift properly, improve their technique and consistently hit new PB's. He can get you where you want to be.


"Really enjoyed doing the program so far. Can already feel the benefit after the first week."


"I then started the squat program in addition to doing the mobility manual again. Today I’m at day 40 and managed to put 15kg on to my PB. Happy with that."


"I have LOVED it so far. The movements are so fun and engaging. The programme is challenging but at all the right levels. The Facebook group is the highlight. Having someone look at my lifts and help me stops you getting frustrated and giving up."


"So far I have really enjoyed the program, I am able to still keep up my regular CrossFit training while fitting in the squat program as required, day 14 already feeling stronger and cannot wait for the rest of the program."


"Very clearly laid out and guidance is readily available! Already notice improvements over a short period of time."


"Great plan thus far. Not too much additional loading where it kills you but enough that you can feel yourself slowly getting better. Love that there’s mobility work and rest days planned."


"It’s amazing!! Everyone needs to do this, teaches proper technique and gets you strong!! If you aren’t prepared to be a beast in the gym and don’t want to make gains then this ain’t for you."


"Great detailed plan and easy to use. I already feel stronger after week one! I broke my foot right after week one 3 months ago and am now back up to my previous PRs and ready for week 2!"


"Hi guys, just few weeks after trying the mobility manual, it feels like I improved a lot in shoulder mobility where I used to struggle, and in global mobility too. Just tried a max in C&J for big friday and here is the result, +10kg PB and really different feelings even though I still have to progress!"


"I have spent hours trawling through IG and other fitness apps to find consistent training and this is by far the best. It sets a realistic training pattern with higher volume than others which challenges you with minimal equipment. I have combined this with an 8-10km run and it’s worked well so far. Many thanks Sonny, legend."


"I have just finished week 1 of the plan and so far I have really enjoyed it. The workouts have been really varied and I have felt motivated to do them every day. Looking forward to completing the rest of the plan!"


"Okay so this is the best body weight training plan I have followed so far. I used to think that i can lift so much and am so strong but fuckkkkk this plan makes me sweat and cry and breaks me down everyday. I always used to think of body weight training as and easy peesy thing but this plan is challenging af and i can already see the results. It is just ahhmazingggg."

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

My plans have been proven time and time again to the best programs available! If you complete the programs, I'm so confident that you will reach the goals of each plan that I've backed them all with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If you complete your program and you DON'T hit the goal of that program, I'll buy it back from you at full price!