4 Week Bodyweight Plan

4 Week Bodyweight Plan

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Whether you're stuck at home, on the road or just can't access the gym... you still want to be able to hit a hard workout, build up a sweat and continue your progress. 

So many "bodyweight" plans out there follow a simple approach... 5 exercises repeated 3 times per week until you can do them efficiently... 

Then you progress to some harder exercises... 

...until you're a bodyweighted out and can human flag off the side of a cruise ship! 

The biggest issue with that is they are BORING! There is no variety and most people eventually give up in search of something a bit more... fun! 

That's why the SWA 4 Week Home Bodyweight Guide is different... 
  • 4 Week Protocol
  • 5 Days Per Week
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Lifetime Access
  • Over 3000+ Members
  • 5 Star Reviews