40-Day Sonny Snatch Program

40-Day Sonny Snatch Program

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Improve your snatch, hit your next PB and improve the consistency of your lifting. 100% Guaranteed.

Personal Question for you - how’s your snatch been the last few months? Smashed any PBs..?⁣⁣ Feeling comfortable and strong in the bottom position? 
If you need a plan to follow that’s going to guarantee you improve your snatch technique and strength and FOR SURE hit a new PB, then my 40-Day Snatch Program is for you!⁣⁣
The snatch is one of the most technical and tricky lifts to hit, which is why many people tend to hit plateaus, get stuck and get very frustrated. ⁣⁣⁣
There are some many simple things I guarantee you are not doing which will quickly get you hitting a new PB, and I'm going to help you with it every step of the way!⁣
✔️ My 40-Day Snatch PB Strength Protocol⁣
✔️ My Snatch Assessment Plan⁣
✔️ Entry into our Private Facebook group for support, community and expert coaching!
✔️ LIVE Q&A's inside the private group⁣
✔️ Extensive exercise video library to ensure you learn proper technique

100% Guaranteed - If you complete this 40 day snatch plan and don't hit a PB all you've got to do is email support@sonnywebster.com and I'll buy your plan back from you!

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Vance W.
New Zealand
40 Day ****** Program

Sorry but I haven't actually started this yet as I am working my way through the train super total plan -not enough time to do both at same time but am really looking forward to ****** Plan and getting better at this movement!

Joel A.
United States United States
****** Program

Program gives me tips and movements I was never incorporating in my lifting workouts before, so I'm excited for what I'm going to be learning. Great program!!